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Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) laser sensors can detect, count, trigger, map, profile, scan, and guide as well as verify levels, proximities and distances to practically anything you can think of. LTI's laser sensors are ideal for many specific applications in Plant Management and Automation, Security and Surveillance, Vehicle Guidance and Automation and Traffic Management.

Laser sensors for collision avoidance

The variation in material characteristics or the difference in environmental conditions is typically the contributing factor of why a certain measurement technology won't work. Some equipment and methods struggle to recognize a moving target in dusty conditions whereas others have difficulties obtaining a valid level measurement to liquids.

Considering all these factors and more, it would be nearly impossible to design an all-encompassing laser sensor that could work in a wide variety of scenarios. This is why Laser Technology has engineered a unique line of laser sensors with specific characteristics and capabilities that can overcome particular challenges.

All LTI laser sensors are non-contact (a.ka. reflectorless), allowing you to measure a distance to a target or material without the need of reflective material. The other key to non-contact measurements is that the laser sensor can be aligned to the target from practically any distance or angle within its range. LTI sensors will also return an accurate measurement to more difficult targets, including most liquids and solids.

Laser sensors measuring bin levels

Some key benefits to LTI's infrared laser sensors are: fast data rates, small beam footprint, and ability to penetrate air-borne particulates, scanning capabilities, multiple target detection, and measurements to most surfaces and targets that are independent of incident angle.

All laser sensors from Laser Technology are eye safe and highly configurable allowing the user to optimize and customize the measurement performance to meet demanding conditions easily, safely, reliably and inexpensively. Where other measurement alternatives fall short, LTI’s non-contact, pulse-laser technology rises to the challenge.

How LTI laser sensors measure up:

  • Easily identifies difficult targets such as liquids, non-reflective material and fast moving objects.
  • Makes non-contact and non-intrusive measurements without the need for frequent calibration.
  • Recognizes small targets at long distances, within narrow openings and from sharp angles.
  • Performs under temperature variations, background noise, vapor pressure and low dielectric or acoustically absorbing materials.

Technology comparison chart:

  LTI Time of flight (TOF)  Laser Ultrasonic Thru Air Radar Phase Shift laser
Ranges greater than 100' (30 m) YES NO NO NO
Distance affected by angle of repose NO YES YES NO
 Low purchase cost YES YES YES YES
Material density affects  accuracy  NO YES YES YES
Penetrates medium dust conditions YES YES YES NO
Easy to setup and install YES NO NO YES

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