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Introducing the TruSense S-Series laser sensors. These next generation laser sensors offers longer range, a more simplistic user interface and a smaller, compact design all at a lower price point.

LTI TruSense S100 Laser Sensor

The TruSense S-series (TruSense S100 & TruSense S200) laser sensors are user configurable, which means you can easily optimize their performance for your specific application. For example, you can set the measurement mode to Closest, Farthest or Strongest and quickly change the behavior of the laser sensor to best work in your particular environment.

You can also increase the averaging samples to capture a higher accuracy level of all your measurements. If you need to isolate the measurement within a particular range, you can set a short and long gate and program the laser to only compute values within that predetermined range.

Apply an offset from the laser sensor and have unlimited flexibility with where you install your laser sensor. All these benefits will help produce the desired results you need within your specific environment. The superior engineering put into this laser sensor equates to a smaller, lighter, better performance laser sensor - all at a very competitive price.

For applications where a compact size and extremely light weight is a must, the TruSense series are a perfect fit. The OEM version (without an external case) weighs less than 3 ounces and takes up space that is no larger than a deck of cards. System integrators can easily install it into a small aircraft for height measurements or camera housing.

Small size does not limit the performance of these sensors as they will range to a gray target at over 1500 meters with accuracy up to 4 cm in short range mode. Having a choice of a variety of I/O formats makes the TruSense series very adaptable for your specific installation.

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