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MapSmart Field Software

If you're a non-surveyor faced with a surveying task, the last thing you need is software you can't understand or takes you weeks to learn. This is precisely why we developed this easy-to-use field data collection solution that will have you mapping like an expert in a matter of minutes.

Collect and store data points electronically and easily transfer them to your PC or view calculations, such as distances between points or the area of multiple points, right in the field. Upgrade to MapSmart with Volume to measure a stockpile and instantly determine the volume in cubic feet or meters.

You can upload a custom "pick list" of commonly used descriptions from your PC to quickly identify measurement points in the field. Work with a live map display with touch screen and the ability to quality check your data as you go. MapSmart can accommodate every situation you may encounter by offering 4 mapping methods. Check out how these mapping methods work and about other key features.

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